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The Quiet Book Revealed!

So a few of you have been asking about this quiet book. On Christmas eve, I finally got it done! Lots of photos ahead...
I made two of these, one for my niece and one for my son (What was I thinking making 2?!). It was fabulously fun, but time consuming. Far more than I thought!
They were basically the same, except my niece's one had a girlier cover and a few different pages that I forgot to photograph. I generally just made 2 of everything as I went. Here is the cover on hers:, using one of my fav Cath Kidston fabrics! (and crappy phone camera).

The process:
  • Has excited me.
  • Hogged my time.
  • Cost me (lots) of money (mainly because I bought tools I didn't yet have, like an eyelet punch and snap punch etc).
  • Bored me.
  • Frazzled me
  • Expanded my skills
  • Satisfied me.
But its done and I am very pleased with it. Josiah loves it! And it works! (The keeping him quiet bit!).
It definitely needs supervision at this age though (20 months). The pieces go flying lost all over the room if you're not there to guide and coach :)

For those of you that like templates and tutorials, sorry but I don't have any. I have mentioned a few links along the way to some templates I used... but mainly I just made it up and cut out pieces as I went, or printed a clip-art template on paper and traced around it and cut. Its pretty easy.

  • Felt (a tonne! Maybe 40 sheets of colour?)
  • Stiff felt for page base.
  • Velcro
  • Snap studs
  • Eyelets
  • giant Scrapbooking rings
  • Hot glue
  • Goggle eyes
  • Sewing machine and thread
  • Printable fabric
  • Zipper
  • Other random bits and bobs, fabric scraps :)
I got a lot of inspiration by compiling a Pinterest board. Here is mine if you want to look:
Also, this blog is a good one! How to Make a Quiet Book

And now for photos...

 The cover. Fabric from a local quilting store... cotton ...not sure who by but so cool!
I couldn't decide what to do for the cover for ages. I originally thought a title would be nice, "Josiah's quiet book', but then the thought of making each of my consecutive children a quiet book each daunted me so much so that I thought I'd rather keep it multi-child user friendly! Hence the fabric being fairly gender neutral as well.

 The button closure is a fake! Button is for cuteness, but Velcro is easier for little hands.
 Noah's ark Page. My zipper was too long really, but didn't have any more in my craft stash and was impatient to get the pages finished NOW (how unusual of me ;p)
Rainbow and portholes made on printable fabric. Dolphins are iron on appliqués I had lying around in my stash from when I was about 14. Hence their dorkiness. I don't love them, I'll be honest. But now they're ironed on securely :( !

 Finger puppets inside the ark, bought from eBay for a few dollars delivered. Pack of 10.
 Token mailbox page. You gotta do it. Its so cute! Paper and pen on opposite page for writing their own letters to 'post' (perhaps in a few years!).
Think I used a template from Serving Pink Lemonade for my basic layout.
 Fabric envelopes addressed to my boy.
 Fabric letter written to him.

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